"Mediterranean" diet or The circle of life

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The circle of life

Author: Eduard Punset March 31, 2013
The most recent scientific studies give all the reason to the supporters of the diet called 'Mediterranean'. It turns out that myocardial infarctions, strokes and deaths due to cardiovascular accidents decrease by 30 percent if this diet is followed. What does it consist of? Basically it is a diet rich in olive oil, nuts, chickpeas, fish, fruits and vegetables.

The most surprising thing of all is that it was foreseen that the investigation would last many years, but just started the fifth year of the experiment had to be interrupted because there were tests left over from what was sought. It did not seem ethical to continue investigating what, obviously, was already evident with the tests carried out. I have brought up, several times, the memory that stuck with me after in Boston (United States) a great nutritionist reminded me the importance of diet care to prolong life. Ten years ago, people did not believe it. The scientists, on the website of the New England Journal of Medicine , have just corroborated and trumpeted it to the four winds.
Diet is, indeed, very important. Now you begin to understand what should be called the 'circle of life'. Food is the first 'pill' where everything starts. That food is essential when measuring its impact on blood flow. They are then followed by their effects on internal organs, such as the liver, or external organs, such as skin. Then come, logically, the perception of the senses and nerves of what is being eaten. And depending on these perceptions, the decision mechanisms are activated.

Fruit stand in the La Boquería market (image: "Web of La Boquería").
Actually, science is drawing attention to the fact, often forgotten, that it is the movements, and not the thoughts, that count. Very often we have a tendency to confirm that the movements of the rest of the animals - the smell of the dogs or the magnetic guide of the nocturnal raptors - are worthy of admiration.
And, nevertheless, it should not and can not be forgotten that humans also lavish movements almost miraculous: scientists have spent years trying to understand the juggling of bipeds to walk with two legs without losing balance. Have any of my readers tried to repeat the concatenated steps alone, stepping on a single line, of the models parading in a beauty contest? Neurologists use an identical test to check the health status of patients with Alzheimer's starts.
Have you noticed, if not, the vertiginous movement of the fingers of the young pianist playing the music of Beethoven or Lady Gaga? ? It tends to forget that the concentration and repetition of musical exercises can miraculously transform the movement of the hands.
At the base of a beautiful body, a rhythmic model or a prodigious pianist you can identify endless movements , in its primary origin, but that, like a good diet, lengthen life. Physical health is fundamental and can depend on things as affordable as a good diet: there is no need to complicate life by finding solutions in the medicine of diseases instead of in the medicine of health . Simultaneously, it is being discovered that physical health is an indispensable requirement for mental health.Why corner them without rhyme or reason?

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"Mediterranean" diet or The circle of life